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Media Library:

Ray Hammond

Renounce My Independence TRANSCRIPT Healing the American Spirit TRANSCRIPT

Bryan Wilkerson

Thinking Biblically About Politics 10.30.16 TRANSCRIPT  True Belonging Part.6 10.14.18  TRANSCRIPT  

Alexia Salvatierra

Faith-Rooted Organizing – For When the World Breaks Your Heart 9/22/2014 PLAY HERE | TRANSCRIPT

Andy Stanley

Talking Points, Part 1: What is Jesus’ Take on Politics? 1/13/2020 PLAY HERE | TRANSCRIPT Talking Points, Part 2: How […]

Amy Black

Politics as Christian Witness 2/1/2016 PLAY HERE | TRANSCRIPT

Charles Stanley

Obey God and Leave the Consequences to Him 11/9/2018 PLAY HERE | TRANSCRIPT 

Duke Kwon

Faith and Public Life: The Religionification of Politics 2/23/2020 PLAY HERE | TRANSCRIPT Faith and Public Life: Faithfulness in Exile […]

Hurmon Hamilton

Dream Crazy Big: HEAL TRANSCRIPT   Is God a Republican or Democrat? (Hope in An Upside-Down World) TRANSCRIPT

J.D. Greear

When Drinking, Politics, Cussing, and Circumcision Divide a Church 6/1/2014 TRANSCRIPT   How Can Churches Engage the Public Square without […]

Lisa Sharon Harper

The Gospel and Shalom 3/29/2016 PLAY HERE   Living Justice as Kingdom Citizens 3/29/2016 PLAY HERE | TRANSCRIPT 

Mark Noll

Race and Slavery in America’s Bible Civilization 3/31/2016 PLAY HERE | TRANSCRIPT

N.T. Wright

What Is the Good Life in Uncertain Times? 9/22/2020 PLAY HERE | TRANSCRIPT    The New Testament in Its World: […]

Ray Chang

Kingdom of God & Politics: Daniel (Babylon) 2/28/2020 PLAY HERE | TRANSCRIPT 

Richard Mouw

With Gentleness and Reverence: Learning Convicted Civility 8/3/2015 PLAY HERE | TRANSCRIPT 

Rick Warren

A Faith That Knows the End of the Story 9/15/2020 PLAY HERE 

Russell Moore

Morality, Justice, and the Gospel According to Jesus 8/29/2018 PLAY HERE | TRANSCRIPT 

Soong-Chan Rah

Redeemed For Community 8/8/2018 PLAY HERE | TRANSCRIPT 

Vincent Bacote

Justice in a Polarized Culture 9/18/2020 PLAY HERE | TRANSCRIPT 

Eugene Cho

Faith & Politics 7/26/2020 PLAY HERE  |  TRANSCRIPT

Timothy J. Keller

What a Minor Prophet Teaches Us About Nationalism and Race, Grace, and Mission 04/03/2019 PLAY HERE   |   TRANSCRIPT Peace in […]