The First Principles Project is a partnership of Christians – across racial, ethnic, gender, cultural, political, and generational lines – regrounding our approach to political life and renewing our witness to America.

Our team of pastors and thought leaders has synthesized the contributions of the best evangelical minds of this generation, to bring you guidance on how to ground Christian public square engagement for this election season and beyond.

Our Team:
Marisa Prince
Tim Dalrymple
Calvin Lee
John Kingston
Walter Kim
Hurmon Hamilton
Nancy French
Ray Hammond

Bryan Wilkerson

Kaitlyn Schiess

Jeff Bethke

Joel Searby

Synthesizing the work of the leading voices of our generation:

(The following are not affiliated with the First Principles Project but their work can be found in our Media Library, and in part provided inspiration for our materials.)

Beth Moore

Tim Keller
Andy Stanley
J.D. Greear
Rick Warren

Eugene Cho

Duke Kwon