How do we reground our approach to political life – and renew our witness to America?

First Principles Project

How do Christians reground in political life – and renew their witness to America?

The First Principles Project is a partnership of Christians – across racial, ethnic, gender, cultural, political, and generational lines – allied together to answer those questions.

We need to do better. We can do better.


The Project provides in one convenient location the thinking of the best Christian minds of this generation on this subject, in both video and transcript form.

Our team of pastors and thought leaders has synthesized the contributions of the best evangelical minds of this generation and across time, to bring you guidance on how to ground Christian public square engagement for this election season and beyond.

Our premise is simple. Even when we disagree on matters of policy and party, we should be united on the essential principles that shape our engagement in the public square. We should model the love of Jesus in all we do, no matter which politicians we support.

 We have developed materials to help us:

First, as citizens in the Kingdom of God — with Jesus as our King and God’s way as our charter.

Second, participating as citizens of our country, engaging in our civic duties in a spirit of service.

Third, serving our communities, loving our neighbors as Jesus commanded.


Citizens of the Kingdom, Country and Community


We have prepared video, transcript, outline and discussion materials to help us to be Citizens of the Kingdom, Country, and Community, which church leaders are welcome to use as-is or make their own.

Citizens of the Kingdom

Citizens of the Country

Citizens of the Community

Citizens of the Kingdom

Citizens of the Country

Citizens of the Community

In addition to the video and other materials found in the Media Library, we also commend “For the Health of the Nation” as a discipleship resource. For more than a decade, evangelical Christians across the political spectrum have used “For the Health of the Nation” to apply gospel principles to complex issues. It is designed to encourage thoughtful evangelical engagement as we work together for the health of the nation. The document been the policy guide of the National Association of Evangelicals since 2004.